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How The Journey Began

As a child I saw a movie. It was called "The Incredible Journey".  It left a lasting impression on me and in particular I never forgot that brave old White Bull Terrier called Bodger who was a major character in that wonderful story. Many years passed by but I never lost sight of my ambition to one day own a "Bodger". Information on the breed in those days was almost nonexistant but I was determined to find  my "Bodger". It was a dream I refused to give up on .
I knew nothing of the existence of the New Zealand Kennel Club and had begun to despair of ever finding my dream dog but one day in the Christchurch Press was an advertisement seeking a home for a Bull Terrier bitch. We as a family were very lucky to be chosen to own (or more accurately be owned by) this little girl and although she wasnt exactly "Bodger", this little Bull Terrier bitch called "Brixton Heres To Chance"came to live with us. She was an instant hit with our two young boys and there were often squabbles over whose room she was to sleep in. 

 Having "Chance" in our lives gave us both an incurable case of the "BULLY BUG", and we owe a large debt of gratitude to Mrs Roselin O`Keefe of Brixton Bull Terriers for the huge part she played in our journey into the world of this wonderful breed. Over the years that journey has been one of  heartbreak,happiness, elation,crushing disappointment, floods of tears and a huge amount of laughter, but most of all it has been a journey of enormous learning not only about dogs, but also about people. Most of that learning has come from being involved in dog shows and it has been one hell of a ride that we wouldnt have missed for the world.

 We have enjoyed considerable sucess at both All breed and Specialty Shows over the years  but I choose not to labour this point because our greatest pleasure over the years has been the  breeding of nice pups for nice people who just want a family pet and happen to like and admire Bull Terriers. In more recent years the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has also become an integral part of our lives. The gentle funloving Stafford adds another dimension to our enjoyment of our dogs.
We plan our litters VERY carefully and all breeding stock is fully health tested with certification supplied. Breeding Endorsements do apply to our puppies. Ongoing Support and advice is most willingly provided to our puppy owners.

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